Ball Diamonds & Colman A's

Here in Colman, there are 4 Ball Diamonds.

The Field of Dreams is a three-diamond complex that is located just one mile north of Colman on Main Street.

The Highway 34 diamond also known as the Pool diamond is conveniently located on the south side of Highway 34 next to the swimming pool and Golf Course. 


 Rules for using the diamonds

For any Coaches or patrons using the ball diamonds, we ask that you please fix any holes or divots around basses or on the field at the end of use. If fields have been marked out already, be respectful and not use the diamond. 


The city will drag diamonds earlier in the day; however, coaches are responsible for marking out their own diamonds and moving the bases before games. There is a temporary pitching mound in the utility room as well. The anchored mounds that are on the north diamond are set at 43'3" and 46. The south diamonds are set at 40', 46', and 49'. If bases or the pitching mound need to be moved, there is a skinny dig out tool with a wooden handle in the utility room along with any equipment needed for marking out diamonds. There are also rakes to fix holes and divots. 


Please be respectful of the diamonds and the facilities. Pickup any trash left behind in dugouts and place any items left behind in the utility room! 


If there is anything that needs to be addressed, please call City Hall at (605)530-0302 (business hours are 8:30-2:30) or email

 Scheduling for Ball Diamonds

If you would like to schedule out a diamond, please send an email to or call City Hall at (605)534-3611. 

The Colman-Egan High School Softball Team will have first bid on diamonds during their softball season. 

baseball team in yellow jerseys

 Colman A's

Colman A's Website

Their home is the Field of Dreams ball park, located a few blocks north of the city.

Come out to the ballpark and support the team!

Season passes are available at the gate.

2013 Cornbelt League District 4B champions!